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Painting Classes
Pitter painter -Application form for Adults Aug-Oct 2015
Pitter painter -Application form for Kids Aug-Oct 2015
Davincino Adult poster
Davincino Kids poster
Art & Craft lesson
Application Form Aug to Sep
Basketball Class

Application Form
Chiropractic (by Dr. Szeto)

Dance-Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop... (by Island Dance)
CS-Application Form
RC-Application Form
Musical Instrument (by Simon)


WoodWind Station Poster.jpg
Application form
Swimming (by Harry Wright)
Summer Holiday Programme (Intensive)
Summer Holiday Programme (Once per week)
Table Tennis (by Ms. Yeung)

Application form
Taekwondo (by Master Mok)

Application Form
Tennis (by RC Coaches)

Mini Tennis Red Application Form
Mini Tennis Orange Application Form
Mini Tennis Green Application Form
Tennis Lesson Application Form
Wing Chun (by Master Leung)
Application Form Jul to Aug
Yoga and Fitness

Poster of Movement Improvement
Poster of Zenny
Poster of Spinning
Dance Studio July Schedule
Korean Taekwondo

Chris Clark Squash Academy
Application Form

Poster (Sat)
Application Form (Sat)
Poster (Mon, Wed)
Application Form (Mon, Wed)
Karate (by Andy; Zenny)

About Karate
Karate Poster Jun - Aug
Karate Application Form Jun - Aug
Events & Promotions
Jebsen Holidays - Luxury Collection
DBRC 23rd Tennis Nations Cup
Bingo Night!(January & February)
Personal Fitness Training Offer
Thai Boxing (Mauy Thai) Personal Training

F&B Highlights
Christmas Feast Packages
Peony - Pot of Fortune
All Day Snack Bar Menu
Carlsberg Combo Food Set
Weekend Semi Buffet Dinner

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