About Us 關於我們
Bingo Night!
Winter Melon Soup Set Dinner
DB Bowling Fun Race Rules & Regulations
The 12th Charity Tennis Cup (10 Oct 2015) Ballot Bidding Form
Newsletter - May 2015
Newsletter - April 2015
Club Description 會所簡介
About Recreation Club 關於康樂會
About Club Siena 關於海澄湖畔會所
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Events & Promotions
Jebsen Holidays - Luxury Collection
DBRC 23rd Tennis Nations Cup
Bingo Night!(January & February)
Personal Fitness Training Offer
Thai Boxing (Mauy Thai) Personal Training

F&B Highlights
Peony - Pot of Fortune
All Day Snack Bar Menu
Carlsberg Combo Food Set
Weekend Semi Buffet Dinner
Eel Promotion

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